We make your money move exactly where you want it to go

- One-stop-shop solution for quick global remittances
- An international account to send/receive money
- Easy B2B payments in multiple currencies
- The industry's best price-quality ratio

Who We Are

Dubai IBAN account for payments

Open a United Arab Emirates IBAN account online, without visiting the Bank. Accept payments from international customers and global marketplaces. Send money to your partners to bank accounts in United Arab Emirates.

Transfer money cheap & easy

Quick money transfers

By leveraging an innovative business model, we made international fund transfers as quick and intuitive as sending an email.

Catch-all bank account

Sign up and get a bank account for nearly instant B2B remittances to/from any place in the world.

Cheaper than a bank

Technologies we use allow increasing the speed of communication and reducing expenses so you can enjoy faster and cheaper payments.

Get your DMCC bank account

Start sending and receiving payments to/from your international clients, partners, and suppliers with a free zone bank account in Dubai.


Iván Marchena

The CEO is a Global Business Development expert with more than 10 years of experience in the international arena. A comprehensive professional with a “can-do” attitude and the drive to get the job done to the highest standarts.